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The Sky Is The Limit

Posted By Dr Nicholas Payne, Thursday, May 12, 2016
Updated: Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Sky Is The Limit

     When was the last time you looked at your goals? Mine was this morning. It’s part of my daily routine.

Many people don’t understand the power of writing down your goals. If they are not on paper somewhere they are not real. You have to envision reaching your goals before you can actually achieve them. Your goals are what strategic planning is all about. We all do strategic planning weather we realize it or not, but do we do it well? We make decisions in our practices and lifeevery day that affect us moving forward. When we understand fully where we want to go we can make thosedecisions better and help us achieve our goals.

     If you do a Google search for goal setting you will find an endless list of resources available. But what I have found is your goals have to be specific, measurable and you have to set a deadline. A goal without a deadline is a dream. Dreams help us decide where we are going, but the actual act of setting and measuring the goal in a time frame causes us to take action.

    The other thing I have found about goals is we have to own them. Inside we have to be committed to them, live them and make them happen. You need to be committed to your goals and look at them often. If you are not incorporating them into your everyday routine you will not be able to achieve them and make your dreams become a reality.

    When I set a goal I spend some time dreaming about what would be perfect. If everything works in my favor where do I want to be? The more vividly you dream the easier it is to set your goals and action steps. Dream big!  Don’t let the reality of your current situation make your dreams small. If you own your dreams, set your goals correctly and work your butt off,you can achieve anything.

    Now that you have your dream, let’s plan how you get from today to your dream. You have to have a road map or a plan. Your initial goal cannot be to arrive at your dream spot. It would be nice but you need to set smaller achievable goals that will get you to where you want to be. Most commonly you set your goal to achieve in 5 years. Then you work backwards to see what you have to achieve each year to make it to the 5 year goal. Those yearly goals can be broken down further to quarterly or monthly goals. When you look at the smaller goals you will see that those tend to be very achievable. 

    So far you have dreamt a huge awesome dream, set your yearly, quarterly & monthly goals.However, you are ready to start just yet. You must now decide how will you know you have reached your goals? How do you know if you have made progress toward those goals? You have to decide how and when you are going to measure your goals. You need to have a way to measure and report those goals. It may the number of new patients, your net profit, time spent with your children or budget surplus left in the checking account after your monthly bills. Decide how you are going to measure success of each goal and track it. Now when you review your goals you can check your progress. Do you need to work harder toward a goal? Are you focused or do you need to refocus?

     Now its time to dream an awesome dream and create your road map to achieve it. All that is left is time, energy and work. Good luck achieving those goals and living your dream! 

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