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Chiropractors Everywhere, what do I do about this competition?

Posted By Dr Nicholas Payne, Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Chiropractors Everywhere, what do I do about this competition?


    If you practice in a metropolitan area you have had multiple chiropractors around you for years. If you’re a small town chiropractor you are seeing more and more chiropractors moving in. How do you make it with all this competition? They are stealing your patients or potential patients. But I want you to stop for a minute and think about this situation.


    The old notion of chiropractors seeing only 8-10% of the population has been shown to be wrong. The most recent Gallup-Palmer College of Chiropractic Survey showed that 25% of the population has seen a chiropractor in the past five years. Over 50% of those had seen their chiropractor in the past 12 months. It further goes on to show that 28% of the population would choose Chiropractic as their first provider for neck or back pain. The number of people that are seeing chiropractors is ever increasing. I would contendthat there are plenty of patients to go around.


    I want to challenge you to look at this “competition” differently. You cannot control how many doctors move into your town. What do you have control over? You can control what you do in your practice. You can control the type and quality of service that you provide. You can choose to be a better doctor and in the end the better service and product will always win. Turn your focus away from worrying about things you have no control over and focus on yourself. Improve yourself.Make yourself a better doctor. Improve your office procedures and customer service.

You might ask, how do I do this? Let’s talk about your patients experience in your office today. Make sure that your 1st impression is a great one. The first experience a new patient has with your office is the call to make an appointment. Have you called your office to see how the phone is being answered? Have you trained your office staff lately? This is important if your office staff is 1 day old or has been with you for 40 years. As humans sometimes we get lazy and stop doing things we have been taught. Maybe that 1st phone call can be improved. What does the patient see when they enter your office? Is it clean and bright? Is your staff ready to welcome them with a smile? Do they sit in your reception area or your treatment room (AKA the 2nd waiting room) for long periods? Make sure you are conscious of their time and make their experience in your office an efficient one.


    These little things make a patient choose you over the “competition”. When you pay attention to customer service your patients will talk to their friends about you. That means referrals and more new patients. I have seen it time and time again that patients are happy with your care, but not excited about the experience. They will continue to come to see you, but they will not talk to their friends about you. Make your office experience a fantastic experience that stands out from everyone else.


You have control of how a patients sees your office, make the best use of it!

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Fuzzy Practices Don’t Offer The Rewards You Deserve

Posted By Dr Nicholas R Payne, Thursday, April 21, 2016
Updated: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fuzzy Practices Don’t Offer The Rewards You Deserve

     In practice we have many hurdles to overcome. Sometimes our practices will start to retract or stop growing. Our mission and goals for our practice can become fuzzy or not well defined. If you find yourself in this position you need to reevaluate how you devote your time and energy. What we find is often our focus has changed or been diverted. Instead of your practice being your focus, it becomes your job and you start showing up and punching the clock. No one cares about your practice as much as you do. You have to be present to ensure that it’s growing. That means mentally present, not just physically present.


     Life is so busy today. There are demands on your time coming from every direction. Family, children, school, church, organizations you belong to are all looking for time from you. This leaves very little time to focus on your practice and your practice will start to suffer. All of these areas are important, but you have to learn how to prioritize your limited time. Time is the most precious commodity you possess and you need to use it wisely.


     Your family and children obviously must be your first priority, because without the support of your family really nothing else matters. A close second needs to be your practice. If you are not successful in practice then all the other areas become more difficult to do. Your successful practice allows you the time to help others and serve with all your other obligations.


     Much like you, I tend to give a lot of my time to others. To improve my community and to help those who need help. To this end we must not lose focus on what allows us to give this help, our practice. As you grow and develop you find this demand on your time becomes more and more. You have to learn to say no. We all have a point that we become stretched too thin and things start falling in the cracks. Take time to evaluate yourself and see if this is happening. You may have to tell someone no, or reduce your time commitments to some organizations.Make sure the organizations you commit the most time to help you achieve the goals of your practice.

     I find when I am focused on my patients and my being proactive the only thing that can happen is growth. I am sure you will find this same thing if you start looking for it. Have you ever implemented new procedures and set a goal to achieve a certainlevel of service. If you do not set a new goal to move toward after a while you will find your office shrinking. Make sure you are always setting new goals and are focused like a laser on achieving those goals. If you do, your practice will flourish and you will be better able to help others. Make sure your time is allotted appropriately and remember it is okay to tell someone no. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but one that will improve your life.


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Hey, can you make a change in the healthcare system?

Posted By Dr Nicholas R. Payne, Thursday, February 25, 2016
Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hey, can you make a change in the healthcare system?

    The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has started a new push for Medicare Equality. This will impact all Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) across the country that treat Medicare patients. It may also affect your friends and family that are currently Medicare recipients or will be in the future. At some point this may include you!

    In today’s Medicare system, patients are forced to pay out of pocket or choose to not receive services beyond the chiropractic adjustment. This means their initial examination, X-rays, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise and manual therapy all have to be paid by the Medicare beneficiary. This is an unjust denial to full access to chiropractic care. The ACA is working to make all services provided by a DC covered under the Medicare system. This will allow Medicare recipients to have access to high quality, cost effective chiropractic care. The research shows that when patients receive chiropractic treatment, they are healthier. They use less pharmacology, they have fewer surgeries and they visit healthcare providers less often. But the current system does not allow them coverage for this type of health care.

    Why does this problem exist today? The federal government relies on antiquated statutes that unfairly discriminate against DC’s. It does not allow Medicare beneficiaries’ access to the care they deserve and care that will improve their health safely and effectively.  Washington has allowed this discrimination to go on for too long. Our patients are not achieving optimal health care and the cost burden is being shifted to them. It’s time we stand up and tell Washington it’s time to change. Our seniors deserve better, our country deserves better and its time we make the change we want to see in the healthcare system.

    Don’t forget that what Medicare does affects many other health plans. Have you noticed how chiropractic is continually being reduced? Any time a plan is exempt from state law it uses Medicare guidelines. It reimburses for the adjustment only. We have an opportunity to change the Medicare guidelines, but we have to all make an effort.

    You can help end this discrimination. The ACA has a petition that it has started and needs as much support as we can garner. You as a provider can sign the petition. There are patient hand outs that you can use to have your patients sign the petition. Even if your patients are not currently on Medicare they have family and friends that are. How many times have patients moved to Medicare and complained to you about having to pay for things that were covered under their prior insurance? This is an opportunity to make a major change in the healthcare system of this country.  You need to have your patients sign the National Medicare Equality Petition Today!

    As a healthcare provider, you can sign the National Medicare Equality Petition as well! Print off the patient petition and have your patients sign it today. Create the change in healthcare that our country needs!


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