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Back-up? Yeah I got one... I think

Posted By Dr Nicholas Payne, Thursday, June 30, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Back-up? Yeah I got one… I think

    With the ever increasing amount of data we have to manage in healthcare, backing it up can sometimes fall off our radar. We get so busy healing sick patients that our digital infrastructure doesn’t come to the forefront of our mind. Hopefully in your HIPAA and Compliance manuals you have set out good usage policies and part of that is a backup plan. A current backup of your data is vital in today’s world.

    Let’s talk about what threatens our data. We all think about viruses and malware infecting our systems and stealing data. Good usage policies, appropriate firewalls, and an anti-virus can help defend you in this area. A new type of computer malware is called RansomWare. This is a file that infects your computer and requires you to pay someone a fee to release your files. Many times you are stuck because anti-viruses don’t work on these. You can either pay the fee or revert to a clean back up if you have one. But the biggest vulnerability is people. Doctors or staff click on a web link in an email or visit a web page and, in violation of the policy, become infected.

    Are you thinking, those are all about the internet but you are talking about backups? All of those internet issues can cause your practice management system to become corrupt, infected or held for ransom. So can your office handle any of those things happening to your network or your computer?

    Many times backups become necessary due to hardware failures. Sometime hard drives or computers break. The data may or may not be accessible when it does happen. The other thing that occurs is a natural disaster or an accident. If your office is involved in a flood, a fire or a storm do you have a secure offsite data back up in case your onsite data is no longer useable? You are responsible for that data and information and you need a plan as to how you are going to protect it. How quickly can you recover from a disaster? If you performed your Security Risk Analysis for HIPPA you had to address this issue.

    There are many types of backups out there. You can back up your data live by having 2 hard drives mirror each other. This protects you from hardware issues, but if your data becomes corrupted you have 2 copies of corrupted data. You can do a daily back up of the data and keep a weeks’ worth or a months’ worth of data. This allows you to go back to a specific day and restore your data. You may have a hybrid of both types of backup in your office. But one point that many offices don’t take into consideration is what you are backing up. Is your backup complete and is it useable data?Many times offices find issues in the backup system when they are restoring the data and it doesn’t work. You need to not only back up your data but also check the integrity of that data to ensue you are backing it up when you want and the backup contains all the data you need.

    Now you have a backup.  Where do you keep it? Do you store the data in the cloud? How about a thumb drive you take home? Do you take the laptop with the data on it home with you every day? All of these could work, but the security of the data must be ensured. Drives need to be encrypted and thumb drives and computers pass worded. Security becomes a big issue when you leave the physical safeguards of your office.

    As a chiropractor this process may not be within your knowledge set. You need to find an IT vendor that can help you with this process and ensure HIPPA compliance. Backing up your data is a complex multifaceted problem. You have to develop a system that is secure and compliant. This article is by no means an exhaustive review of what needs to be done, but hopefully will make you think about your data and how you protect it. Have a good plan, practice your plan and make sure it works.



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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Posted By Nicholas Payne, Thursday, June 23, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call?


    If this was the 1980’s and someone said “Who ya gonna call?” there’s a really good chance the answer might be Ghostbusters. As big a help that Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray were with ghosts I don’t think they would be helpful with the next problem.

    “Who ya gonna call” with your practice issues? Who do you call? When you have questions that range from issues such as insurance, EHR questions, malpractice insurance recommendations, audit problems, and even down to patient retention. If you got one phone call, who are you going to use it for?

    Are you a KAC Member? Did you realize that instead of calling your buddy down the street who probably got the information from another buddy down the street or some random national online website that you can call the KAC.

    Who else is the best to call with your state level insurance questions than the KAC! The same group that several weeks out of the month spends time talking to the Medical Directors of numerous insurance companies to bring all of your problems to the forefront to be addressed.

Who else is best to call when you have questions about an EHR system than the KAC Executive office who has talked with or used many of the products that are available today and can give you information in regards to them?

    Who else is best to call when you have a Medicare question than the KAC Executive Office where our executive director not only teaches the class state wide, but also is on the ACA’s Medicare Committee.

    Who else is best to call when you have a question about malpractice insurance?Did you know there are multiple companies out there that have the same coverage?Are you currently paying too much? We can help steer you in the direction of our business members that support chiropractic in Kentucky.

    Who else are you going to call when your equipment messes up and you need to have it fixed or replaced? The KAC has numerous business members that can help you with many of the issues that you have all while potentially getting you an even better deal as a member.

Who else are you going to call when you need education to continue your license or even education that you want to further your knowledge base for things that you are looking to expand your practice. The KAC has brought education to the state such as DOT, dry needling, and many other seminars that allow you to avoid driving across the country to be able to get such education.

    We are YOUR Practice Partner. The KAC is here for you and is only one phone call away. If you are a member please remember to feel free to pick up the phone at any time and call YOUR Executive Office for help at (859) 554-4498.

     If you aren’t a member then you still need to make that phone call to the same number to join. This is going to help eliminate all your other calls searching down the correct or accurate information.

“Who ya gonna call?” The KAC!

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Teamwork Gets It Done

Posted By Dr Nicholas Payne, Thursday, June 2, 2016
Updated: Thursday, June 2, 2016

Team Work Gets It Done

    What teams are you a part of? I would say you are on many teams and most of them have nothing to do with sports. If you are married you are on a team. Do you serve any community organizations?Well if you do, welcome to the team. Inside your practice is no different, you are on a team. Whether you are an owner or an associate, it doesn’t matter. The office has to work together to achieve its goals. By virtue of being a chiropractor you are on a bigger team, that of Chiropractic. We have to work together to ensure our laws are protected, our patients have access and our communities can achieve the health that is available to them through Chiropractic care.Sometimes you are the leader and sometimes you are just a team member.

    I will tell you most people don’t view life this way, but it makes sense when you stop and think about it. It may change how you approach challenges in your life if you evaluate your team. Surround yourself with a great team and everything is possible. Let’s talk about how this can help your practice.

    As much as we would like to think we personally are our practice, most of us have help. If you are a one person show, I still contest you have family and friends that help and support you. For those of us that have a staff of 1 or a staff of 30, it’s a team effort. We all have multiple hats we wear and we have to have a game plan. A staff meeting is the locker room game plan. A goal has been set and a plan to achieve that goal has been set. Then we have to go execute the plan and win the game. During the staff meeting you need to discuss the goals of the office. If everyone on that team is not on board with those goals or does not know what those goals are you cannot efficiently execute your plan. It makes it really hard to achieve your goals.

You need to set your goals first. Then with the help of your team create the game plan.

    The part most of us fail at is that we need to revisit our plan and measure our success. Be open and honest with your team. If something isn’t working, change it. It’s okay to change your game plan, sometimes things on the field change. Make sure you keep everyone engaged and focused on the goal of the practice. As the leader, don’t get too caught up in micro managing every job. Set good policies and do evaluations of your team members. Let them know how they are doing and help them develop into great team members. With some education and framework you can let them just do their job and you can focus on your responsibilities. 

You have assembled a team of committed people and clearly shown them your goals. Get their input on how you create your plan to achieve those goals. Engage them and empower them to get the practice to those goals. Remember a dictator does not have a team.  Work together and develop a great plan everyone can support and work to reach the ultimate goal!

    You can take this entire process and apply it to many aspects of your life. Use the support and help available to you. Build great teams around you and go Live Your Dream!

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